The Diary of a Disgruntled Runner v.1

(This is my diary for the next 8 weeks of training. This will be my 8th half marathon and hopefully not my last. I hope this helps me fight the funk I’m in, and encourage me to find the love of running (again) after pregnancy and child birth.)


Yesterday I “ran” 6 miles. Past me would say “so? That’s a short run”. But present me says “ah, do I have to? My legs hurt. My knees hurt. I’m hot. I’m still breastfeeding. I am still carrying too much baby weight. Wah. Wah. Wah. Wah”. All the way home.

I did the calculations. I have not “ran” since the marathon relay. If you could call that running. That was 69 days ago. Sure, I’ve walked a bunch. But Jasen informed me that walking isn’t cardio. I beg to differ, but I can’t say I’ve broken a sweat. So, I decided I needed to train for something to get motivated.


Of course, in theory. that sounds great. However the start of training snuck ( I can use that word, right?) up on me and here I am. Sore, achy and reflective from the mess that was 6 miles.

Jasen said he would train and run with me. Yesterday, he gave up his bike workout to “run together”.

We started off like any other run. However, I pretty much immediately knew how out of shape I had become. Every part of my legs were hurting. However, pushing the jogging stroller seemed to help. So, we ran. For 2 miles. Then I got hot. And tired. And frustrated. Every time Jasen and I train together, I pushed the pace. Not today. He was strong, and ready, and capable.

It was annoying.

No, it was helpful annoying. I’m glad I had some accountability out there.

When we reached half way, I decided to walk. I told Jasen to go ahead. I got a phone call, took it, then realized the gap between us was enormous. And I was soooo thirsty. Since everything in my life revolves around my milk supply, I became nervous and parched and worried I’d have a decrease in production. So, I ran as fast as I could to catch him. Then I realized I couldn’t, then I walked. I tried to think milky thoughts, but thankfully, jasen waited for me.

With 2 miles left, I walked many more times. Except when I saw this:


So I tried my best to abide by that rule all the way home.

Yeah, right.

6 miles done this week. I should I have completed 12 total. I think I’ve done 7.

There’s always next week.


Week #1
6.01 miles
11:38 pace
Times tears were shed: 3



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