The Diary of a Disgruntled Runner v4

i did much better this week.

i know it is because i have been on spring break and i have had more “time” to “run”.

even though, for one run i walked. the entire thing.

however, the biggest credit needs to go to my long run.

remember when i skipped 2 longs in a row?

you know. miles 7 AND 8?

well, this was week “9 miles”. and guess what? it was raining! knowing that i couldn’t skip another week…i took the run indoors.

i KNOW! i’m amazing. you know what wasn’t amazing? listening to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter while running.

soooooooo boring.

week 4:

14ish miles.

long run: 9 miles (accomplished: 8 miles. i couldn’t even bare one more mile on the treadmill.)
pace: crybaby status


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