seven months :: curiouser and curiouser

seven months seems a lot like six months when it comes to development. however, hazel is growing, definitely eating more, and growing curiouser and curiouser. i imagine her with her blonde hair tied up in a black bow wearing a blue dress with a white apron.

{image found here.}

however, this may sum it up on most days:

{image found here.}

case and point.

curiouser and curiouser.

we started training for a half marathon. that’s fun.

by fun, i mean tortuous.

but see, it looks like hazel is having fun, no? i am not sure how the multi hour training will fare with the little. but, we’ll worry about that next month.

speaking of fun…there were several different times where H was able to have a few “play dates” this month. on Tuesdays with her cousin, ethan:

and a couple of times with my coworker’s twins:

we had a great time when grandpa came to town too!

but mostly, her days are spent eating. her favorite thing to do.

i think one of her favorite things right now has to be broccoli, kale and cheddar cheese puffs from happy baby. they smell super delicious. they taste super healthy.

she also tried some prunes for, let’s say, digestional issues.

but, in sad news, i made an adult decision to sell my beloved coffee table.

Hazel just didn’t have enough room to play and roll around. which she does.


it was a sad day for me. i loved that table. but, if i am honest with myself, it was all wrong for me.

it was all glass and i am all ocd. i spent half my life cleaning it. and jasen was not allowed to put his feet on it.

but, like a moth to a flame, i was drawn to it. and it to me.

but it is no longer.

wait…i didn’t kill it. it is off to another home. but, a piece of my heart will always belong to that table.

however, look at my baby Cleopatra:

so happy. with so much space.

i’ll let her tell you all about it:

too bad it didn’t last long.

now, she is off to bigger and better things like crawling and almost pulling herself up.

and playing in the fireplace.

curiouser and curiouser.


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