The Diary of a Disgruntled Runner v6 and v7

sorry i missed last week. i am still dealing with the trauma that was my long run.

i have always had an issue with the 11 mile run. i don’t know why. once, i was so hot, and didn’t bring water. another time, it was pouring rain and i was scared to death my phone would break, and this time, well this time will live on in infamy.

jasen is balancing his running with training for a century ride the weekend after our half marathon. i know, crazy. his training rides are on saturday mornings as well, so he often trades one for the other. that week was a bike ride, so hazel and i were on our own.

i should have seen it coming.

we started ok. slow going of course, but manageable. then somehow the tables turned.

crying baby.

that’s unusual. not only does hazel hardly cry…but the stroller usually knocks her out.

so, i stop…offer a snack and her water cup. we’re good.

2 minutes later, crying baby.

snack. water. good.

and the cycle repeated. by now, i was four miles from home. but what can i do at this point? hazel was making enough noise that people were starting to stare. and say, “ah, poor baby”. which of course i interpreted, “look at that terrible mother who is torturing her poor child”. so, i stopped, pulled her out of the seat and did the only thing i thought i could do, hold her and try to push the stroller back home. i was tired of all the stares, so i pushed the stroller up the levee, and tried to take a “short cut” through the surrounding neighborhood.

ha! short cut.

i realized there was no way that i could push the stroller and carry her all the way home. she became distracted with my headphones, so i placed her back in the stroller to only hear the screeching cries of a very pissed off baby. she eventually cried herself to sleep, or maybe i cried her to sleep, but who really knows at this point?

by now, i was too mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted to run the rest of the way. so wee wee wee, we walked all the way home.

needless to say, i took off from running for the next 6 days.

i did another run (by myself) the next saturday of 10 miles. in like 90 degree weather at 8 am.

and now it is thursday, and the half marathon is saturday. the farthest i “ran” was 10 miles. we also decided to not push hazel in the stroller, but have he stay with ladonna (hazel’s monday sitter). it will probably be for the best, since she is a loose cannon at this point. i told jasen that i don’t think i will put the tag on my shoe. i don’t even care what our time is. we will just enjoy our time together, enjoy the run, and the exercise.

there’s always next time.



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