i do not know how to take photographs. 

well, like fancy people. 

99.4% of my pictures are taken with my iphone and slapped with a filter from instagram. i don’t claim to be a photographer or know how to take pictures. 

one day i read about an on-line photo editing site called picmonkey.com. it is this super great site where you can edit your photos without having to make an account. i haven’t really had a chance to play with it, but in a few spare moments i came up with these:



and fun with the “stamps” or whatever they are called:





The Diary of a Disgruntled Runner v8 (Final)

it has been like 3 weeks since we ran our half marathon.

i survived! yahoo!

were you concerned? did you think i feel of the levee? well, i am alive and well and have decided to give up running. more on that later.

the race snuck up on us very quickly. jasen and i became very “laid back” about the whole thing. training? nah.

we had plans to trade-off pushing the stroller throughout the race. then one day, jasen suggested we get a babysitter.

man, is he smart or what?

the night before, we went to our traditional dinner at hot italian. we sat outside and enjoyed our favorite pizza. and probably asked ourselves several times, “why are we doing this again”?

the morning of, hazel’s babysitter came bright and early and we made our way to the park. since parking is such a pain, we walked the 2 miles to the start. a pre-race warm up, if you will. we made a decision that we were going to just enjoy the race. take what comes. stop at the drink stations, and walk whenever we need to. having that pressure off our backs was amazing. knowing that we can finish whenever we want to, no matter what the time it is, was such a great feeling.

we lined up in the back and when the horn sounded we felt excited. before we knew it we had run 5 miles. just like that! i had some aches in my toes and was having a hard time trying to figure out what was wrong. later, we discovered my brand new shoes are too small. (thanks pregnancy!) when we reached half way, i remembered an “exercise” a friend told me about when she ran a marathon. before the race, she chooses 26 people to think about one for each mile. on mile 6, i choose my sister-in-law’s mom who is struggling with some health issues. it is amazing how your mind is lifted to somewhere else. it’s harder than you think it would be, but i am excited to try it again.

mile 6-9 were where i hit my stride. jasen and i made a deal that we didn’t have to wait for each other if the other was feeling strong. i realized if i ran really fast, i would get to the water stations quicker and then i could have a break. once i hit mile 10, the farthest in my training i hit a little wall. it was warmer than i would have liked, so i walked. and walked. and walked some more. i ended up finishing in the 2:27 time frame. definitely my slowest time. but, i wasn’t miserable. after a little rest, we walked the 2 miles back home, for a grand total of 17 miles.

this picture was towards the end of my training. i had a long day at work, and really didn’t feel like going for a run. especially pushing a stroller.

yes, especially that.

jasen said he would stay with Hazel and that i should go. and i am so glad i listened. i ran by this beautiful tree and couldn’t stop thinking about it. i ended up running back 0.25 mile and took a picture of it. i remember as i headed home, all of the wonderful moments i have had in running. and there were a lot. somehow, during this season of my life i have seemed to have forgotten. running has become more of a “have to” then a “want to”. who knows if i will ever be back to where i was. but, when i do run…i want to love it.

and right now, i don’t love it.

eight months

eight months. whew. what a whirlwind.

hazel has been so busy. like, bizzzzzz-ay.

i feel like a bad mommy. i do. i have had such a hard time documenting all of her “milestones”. they are just coming at me way too fast.

baby girl, slooooooow down. mama ain’t ready for this bizzznass.

let’s see…in one month she:

learned to clap,
say bababa,
wave bye-bye,
crawl on hands and knees,
pull up,
sit up from a crawling position,
stand alone for a few seconds at a time,
shake her head no. (i still believe she doesn’t really know what it means.)

finger’s crossed on that one. however, she does think it is hilarious when you shake your head at her. we’ve tried so hard not to use the word “no” but didn’t realize we were shaking our head so much.

well, i think that’s it.

here is her clapping:

and crawling:

she also sat in the swing for the first time. i think she liked it. with all the rain, we haven’t been back, but i know we will soon.

we have experimented with new foods as well. like mangos:

and blueberries with bananas:

she has also been practicing with the sippy cup:

and went in the “big” bath for the first time:

we have been blessed with a few hand-me-down toys, so she has had a great time exploring.

she likes to fall head first into the ottoman to get all up in the toy bizzznass.

it is very funny to watch. however, she has not figured how to get herself out yet.

we celebrated easter, and even a trip to see the easter bunny.

the bunny picture turned out terrible. and not in a good way.

we had ethan over (his mommy and daddy too) for an easter lunch.

he’s feeling right at home, can’t you tell?

of course, we had to do the bunny ears.

jasen and i even were able to get a night away to bodega bay. but, we spent most of our time at russian river brewing company in santa rosa. it’s lovely there.

and the ocean was nice, too.

month 9 is already here, and i am amazed to see all the things hazel will be up to. i can hardly believe she will be a year old in a few short months.

hopefully those month pictures will turn out a little better.