eight months

eight months. whew. what a whirlwind.

hazel has been so busy. like, bizzzzzz-ay.

i feel like a bad mommy. i do. i have had such a hard time documenting all of her “milestones”. they are just coming at me way too fast.

baby girl, slooooooow down. mama ain’t ready for this bizzznass.

let’s see…in one month she:

learned to clap,
say bababa,
wave bye-bye,
crawl on hands and knees,
pull up,
sit up from a crawling position,
stand alone for a few seconds at a time,
shake her head no. (i still believe she doesn’t really know what it means.)

finger’s crossed on that one. however, she does think it is hilarious when you shake your head at her. we’ve tried so hard not to use the word “no” but didn’t realize we were shaking our head so much.

well, i think that’s it.

here is her clapping:

and crawling:

she also sat in the swing for the first time. i think she liked it. with all the rain, we haven’t been back, but i know we will soon.

we have experimented with new foods as well. like mangos:

and blueberries with bananas:

she has also been practicing with the sippy cup:

and went in the “big” bath for the first time:

we have been blessed with a few hand-me-down toys, so she has had a great time exploring.

she likes to fall head first into the ottoman to get all up in the toy bizzznass.

it is very funny to watch. however, she has not figured how to get herself out yet.

we celebrated easter, and even a trip to see the easter bunny.

the bunny picture turned out terrible. and not in a good way.

we had ethan over (his mommy and daddy too) for an easter lunch.

he’s feeling right at home, can’t you tell?

of course, we had to do the bunny ears.

jasen and i even were able to get a night away to bodega bay. but, we spent most of our time at russian river brewing company in santa rosa. it’s lovely there.

and the ocean was nice, too.

month 9 is already here, and i am amazed to see all the things hazel will be up to. i can hardly believe she will be a year old in a few short months.

hopefully those month pictures will turn out a little better.


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