ten months

welp…i am way behind. no surprises there. you would think that being on “summer vacation” i would have all this spare time.

i beg to differ.

i have no time.

ok, enough boo-hooing and on to the cute stuff.

10 months has been an active time for us.

she has developed some pretty sweet dance moves:

she even grooves in the high chair.

about 10.5 months she quit “cruising” and started with the real steps.

she is learning all kinds of fun things to do with her mouth. she has a lot to say these days.

she loves to look and talk to herself in the front facing camera.

her most impressive trick (taught by daddy) is the light trick.

hazel has also become a master sticky fingers when it comes to the iphone. i found this bit of evidence when scrolling through my phone.

we have a little goat on our hands. she loves to eat paper. i am hoping we shouldn’t be concerned. all paper needs to be well hidden from our little paper snacker.

we play a “where’s hazel” game at home as we “look” for her as she comes up with different places to hide. she is always up to some sort of shenanigans.

she has almost mastered the sippy cup. however, she still finds it quite entertaining to spit out her water like a fountain.

we still have an anti-crib sleeper. we’ve tried it all. but she screams and screams every time we put her in there. so we have worked out a “wedge” system where she lays in the middle of our bed, and we “wedge” pillows around her. she’ll even sleep in the guest bed this way. anywhere but her crib. it’s a mystery. however, we make it work. and that’s all you can ask for i guess.

in 10 months we have seen so much. hazel is an amazing baby and we are so blessed to have a growing, healthy child.

she is crazy, but she gets that from her dad. so, you can’t fully blame her.


One thought on “ten months

  1. I love all of her little faces. She’s growing up so fast! I can’t believe it. It’s so fun getting to see her little personality develop! What a cutie!

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