eleven months

how is it the end of august already?! i had grand plans to update my blog (or at least keep it current) and whoosh…there it went!

so here i am, trying to back track everything we did for months eleven and twelve. let’s see if i remember it all.

hazel started walking way back in the middle of her 10 month. well, we no longer have a walker.

we have a runner.

i used to remember what that was like. (running, that is.)

she doesn’t have the time for crawling. that’s for babies.

this month she has mastered the “wabble-catch” and has become quite fast on her little toes.

“buuu” (books) is one of her favorite things. she can sit for big sections at a time just looking at her “buuu”.

even in public places, with our favorite thursday friend, ms. song.

in celebration of our birthdays (but mostly mine) we made the trek to southern california. We stayed at grandpa’s house for the weekend, and Hazel loved spending time with her uncle zach.

i think he liked having her around too.

we even had the opportunity to take hazel to see great grandpa kohler. she tried to swipe a few of his 7 dwarfs, but i think we left with them all accounted for.

after our desert trip, we went down to orange county to tour some of our favorite local stops. for my our birthday, we celebrated at sprinkles cupcakes and disneyland, of course. hazel had the opportunity to meet mickey and minnie mouse!

disneyland was so much fun this time around. she was much more aware and really seemed to enjoy herself.

since fourth of july was sandwiched between our stops, we spent the day at a friend’s amazing pool. good thing hazel brought some reading materials. it was an amazing trip.

on our way home, we made a quick stop at the food trucks. i think it was the summer of food trucks.

it’s like our new favorite thing.

“hi! hi! hi!hi! hi! hi! hi! hi! hi!” is her favorite word. even to captain eo.

hazel has also become quite the snacker. i have NO IDEA where she gets that from.

hazel was able to spend some time with cousin, e. which is always so much fun!

ethan is so sweet and gentle, and then there is our adorable tornado.

as we were planning for her upcoming party, we made several stops at the park for “research”.

we also had a lot of prep work to do at home for the big day.

hazel has become obsessed with my phone. (bad parenting, i’m sure.) however, she is fully capable of turning it on, swiping her little finger to the page she wants, and then, obviously, recording her own video.

it’s like a (less severe) beautiful mind, i swear.


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