twelve months


oh man. is anyone still out there? i can’t believe i have let 2 months slip away and not written a single word.

poor baby hazey.

we did, in fact, pass the twelve month mark. she is thriving. busy. energetic. exploring. sassy.

must get that from dad.


we took hazel to the zoo for her birthday. she had such a great time. we were very impressed with all the different varieties of animals at our itty, bitty, local zoo. it was also wells fargo day or something, and we got a bunch of cool extras. like free popcorn and snow cones. cha ching!


of course we couldn’t let her birthday pass without a little sweets. and not just any sweets. freeport bakery sweets.

but, it looks like she hated it.

my mom and sister came into town for hazel’s birthday, and spent most of our time together chasing down the local food trucks.


or visiting san francisco.

no tub?
no problem.


in the sweltering heat of Sacramento, we made time for a little frozen yogurt.

man, it’s a drag that she doesn’t like to try new things.


what month day recap would be complete without a hazel-made video?

hazel has learned a lot of new things, most being things which make a lot of noise.

whew. i made it through 12 months of posts. i am no savvy or consistent blogger, that is for sure…but i know i will be glad to have these memories to ponder later. or, they may become a really good form of blackmail.

my hope is to be back this week with some beautiful pictures of hazel’s birthday. taken, of course, by h and co photography.

{here’s a little sneak peek}


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