hazel is ONE {a birthday in pictures}

hazel mae is one.


(and here i am, 6 months later to (finish) tell(ing) about it.)

i can hardly believe it. even several months have passed, and i am still in shock.

however, being one is something to celebrate. you survived a year with your rookie parents.

so, that is a pretty big deal.

i am not one to do something and not call it what it is. we knew we wanted to celebrate hazel and her year of life, but not say, “ooooohhhhh…it’s all for the baby”. i know the argument, “the baby is one, she won’t remember anything”. and that is true. she probably won’t. but we will, and we wanted to make it special with our friends and family.

and that is what (we think) we did.

hazel, you bring us so much joy that our hearts could burst.

happy birthday, baby girl.

{all photos were taken by the über talented, h and co photography.}

this is a picture of the invitation. we used a girl named Katie-did-Designs, and we were really happy with the result. We found her through etsy.

i bought her adorable romper off of etsy as well. she looks so cute in them, that i couldn’t resist. the tiny toms cordones were a gift from some friends.

i can’t say i am super thrilled about the was the entrance to the park turned out. it was basically slapped together at the last-minute. we were not quite ready when people began to arrive. (image that!) so i think this is an area that could have used more work. the pictures are a collage of monthly pictures of hazel leading to 12 months. we used larger pictures on doilies and stakes to decorate around the area. we ended up giving a collage to all the grandparents. i printed them at walgreens, and they were super-duper cheap.
the frame with the craft h in it, hangs in hazel’s room. i literally grabbed it on the way out the door to see if we could use it somewhere.

her high chair is from ikea, and the little (mad hatter) hat is from disneyland.

you can view my pinterest board, here : the little ONE. most ideas are pinned there, with a few tweaks.

**side note…i have to mention that there was no way i could have done this alone. there are too many people to mention who helped, but i hope they know how amazing i think they are. from last-minute set up, blowing up balloons, wrapping sandwiches, watching hazel…the list goes on and on. and to those amazing people, we say thank you, and we couldn’t have done it without you.


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