what i have been up to…

wow. it has been a long time.

to be honest, i haven’t even thought about blogging. i read blogs everyday, but the self discipline has been lacking in my own backyard. a lot to keep me busy, and a lot to write about, but maybe my season has come to an end? we’ll see. but for now…

this is what i have been up to.

*hazel is now 21 months old.

and she is amazing.


she is learning, growing, and all those other things parents brag about. she is a remarkable little girl, but will always be our little baby.

(even though we refuse to talk to her in that voice.)

*i was really excited to hear about justin timberlake’s new record and tour.

(of course we are going.)

*this spurred us to book several other concerts this summer. john mayer is playing at the sleep train amphitheatre, then jason mraz in san francisco this september. the summer of the j’s.

*a friend turned me on to simple green smoothies. they have a month challenge in april to make/drink one a day. we’ve done well with it. i was so happy to find something to incorporate more greens and unusual foods into our diet. we missed the first week because we were out-of-town, but we picked right up with week 2. we have explored new food like chia seeds, coconut water and milk, rice milk, and added weird combinations like celery, halves of lemons, cilantro, and basil. some are better than others. we are finding it is a great way to get our green veggies each day.


*i heard about this interesting way to “weight loss” through a free online training called “live more. weigh less”. the videos are informative, and a bit long. however, i thought she spoke some truths in them. if you are hard-core, you can sign up for her 8 week, pretty expensive program.

*i have not run in 144 days.

*i recently hosted a 31 bits jewelry party. my hope is to return soon with a look at the party details.

photo 1

thank you so much for sticking around this long, i hope to be back for more soon.

until then…


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