many, many sweaty sneakers

my running journey began on april 23, 2007.

thanks to a new invention called nike+, i was turned on to a sport i never knew i would love.

my first “official” run:

4.62 miles in 1:04.13 for an average pace of 13’53”

**as of 07.14.10 i ran 4.02 miles in 38.16 for an average pace of 9’30”**

speed isn’t super important to me, but more like overall improvement and growth.

because let us face the facts. this slightly average derriere ain’t getting nowhere quick.

if you know what i am sayin.

since 4.23.07, i have run 6 5k-10k races, 6 half marathon and one full marathon.

i started “small” with making a challenge to run 500 in 2008.
Here is what i accomplished.
In 2009, i decided to make it more about “racing” and entered a few “smaller” races and ended up training for my first half marathon. (which turned into 4 for the year, plus a full marathon.
here is my 2009 rundown.

9 pairs of sweaty sneakers and 2,644.97 miles and counting. and i now pronounce marathon- marrythun. you know, like in a british accent.

you can follow my journey at:




2 thoughts on “many, many sweaty sneakers

  1. You’re fantastic. I’m still toying with the half-marrythun idea. But that would involve actually training. And I lost track in May and haven’t run much since. Glen kicks off his CIM training in August again, so that’ll motivate me to get back out there.

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